What I Clearly Inherited From My Parents

This blog post has nothing to do with work, movies or ADD, so we will file it under the “Random Thoughts” section. I was inspired as I was listening to the radio yesterday and the DJs were talking about the traits they inhereited from their parents. I thought this would make a really interesting blog post – to dissect myself and take a look at what my parents graciously or not so graciously bestowed upon their eldest child.

Theater (both) – I did theater all throughout high school and made it my minor in college. Both parents did theater when they were in high school and that’s how they met actually, while doing a show.

Driving (dad) – This one is funny because recently I scratched up my car in the exact same place my dad had scratched our mini van just a few weeks ago. I took it to the same repair shop and the shop owner made a comment like “You must take after your dad.” And I said “Yes, actually, is it obvious he’s the one that taught me to drive?” My mom did a little as well, but I definitely inherited my dad’s road rage and the tendency to stare at drivers who are acting stupid as I drive past them on the highway.

Laugh & sense humor (mom) – My mom and I laugh at the same things and in the same tone of voice. The laughs don’t match exactly, but it is quite clear that she was the contributor for that gene.

Piano (mom) – My mom plays the guitar, always has. She’s pretty good too! I play the piano. Haven’t always, but I am pretty average, so I think I inherited some musicality from my mommy.

Voice recognition & (minor) success in the voice over business (dad) – My dad is a radio DJ. He has been my whole life. So that’s what I know. This has somehow got to be related to my ability to recognize voices. I play a little game sometimes with commercials; I try to see if I can recognize the celebrity doing the voice over. I also got into doing voice work myself and did a couple commercials here and there. Pretty sweet gig, it is just too bad my real job moved to a different city and I can’t make it to the recording studio anymore.

ADD (mom) – I see a lot of AD/HD traits in my mom. She’s much more functional than I am and the traits only pop up occasionally, but I definitely got it from her (love you Mom!!).

Love of movies (dad) – My dad is the movie and trivia master, so naturally it was worked into our lives. My memory stinks, so I’m terrible at trivia, but damn do I love my movies.

My looks (both) – If you looked at me, then my parents, and you didn’t know we were related you would probably not match us up as parents and kids. But if you dissect my features, it’s obvious who I got them from. My eyes – mom; Nose – mom; Height – dad; Face shape – dad. Now the rest…the rest is kind of a mish-mash of features from other relatives. I know, weird right?

Now it’s your turn!

What did you clearly inherit from your parents? Any funny stories about people pointing out those same traits? Are you proud of the genes you got or do they cause more embarrassment than anything else?

“Basically, I'm for anything that gets you through the night - be it prayer, tranquilizers or a bottle of Jack Daniels.” – Frank Sinatra

So may the prayers, tranquilizers and JD be with you and see you next time.

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