AD/HD Tips & Tricks for Reading, Studying & Other Things That Need Attention

In a recent article released by ADDtude Magazine, they discuss tactics to help ADDers develop reading skills and absorb the information they are reading.

Here’s what can hinder an ADDers' ability to sit and read a book - In a lot of the books I’ve read about AD/HD they mention “blinks” in regards to the inattentiveness aspect of AD/HD. These aren’t visual blinks, but mental blinks that occur all the time and can cut out important information - say - during a lecture or while reading. It’s an involuntary, momentary laps in attention. So it’s not done on purpose and it doesn’t mean that person isn’t trying to pay attention, it just happens on its own.

One way to combat this may be to read in shorter increments. When writing, these blinks can happen too, so make sure you proof read at least one day after writing something or have someone else read it purely for those missed words (that way it doesn’t have to be a person who knows about your topic). When listening to speeches make sure to take notes. Personally, and this certainly isn’t for everyone, I wrote down just about everything my professors would say, almost like a script to make sure I didn’t miss any key words. Or bring a tape recorder so that you can play it back.

One tip I wanted to suggest is reading during commercial breaks. Besides balancing my TV addiction with my school work or a book I’m reading for fun, it breaks up my concentration enough so that I can have vested interest in the book when I come back to it and can sit and absorb the information while watching the TV. Reading in spirts like that I think gives the attention span the variety it’s seeking.

Another way to actively engage your brain in order to absorb information is to type it up. I’ve done this as a means of studying as well as a way to memorize lines for a play. Typing out hand written notes, or whatever it may be, forces you (and your brain) to pay attention TWICE – when reading the information on the page and when typing it out.

In another article called “Getting Things Done the ADD Way” ADDitude mentions some of the following skills:

Daily Action Plan – Make it a routine! If you have trouble remembering to do things (like I do) than writing it down in the same place and checking it regularly can definitely help. Also, get lots of Post Its. I LIVE off of Post Its!

Time Management – Always a struggle for ADDers. ADDitude suggests using a timer or learning to say “No.” Those are great suggestions but also just set an agenda for yourself and follow through. Following through is also rewarding because you’ve accomplished a task and you’ve accomplished time management.

How do you get things done in your AD/HD lifestyle? It’s difficult, I know, so share your tips and tricks!
“Basically, I'm for anything that gets you through the night - be it prayer, tranquilizers or a bottle of Jack Daniels.” – Frank Sinatra
So may the prayers, tranquilizers and JD be with you and see you next time.

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