A Review of “Sex and the City”

Yes, I was one of the girls that got her other girls together and happily went to see our favorite four-some on the big screen opening weekend. But I’ll get straight to the point.

What is so great about this movie, and what was great about the TV show, is its ability to be real! These women are captivating because we understand them. Their situations are not that outrageous or exaggerated. Their witty comments are smart and casual and not amped up so that the whole movie is filled with one liners (man I hate that). These women have everyday jobs that they excel at and enjoy. They date regular guys and dump regular guys with the unexpected charmer or foreigner here and there to spice things up. And relationships on SATC take work and are not always magic and fairytales, which is a plague within the movie business that skews the public’s views of relationships. (stepping off the soap box) All of the above reasons are why this movie works.

On a more technical note, I did feel like parts of the movie slowed down the pace. They probably could have cut an extra 30 minutes here and there. And, man, I hate to say this because I love her, but maybe they could have cut some of Jennifer Hudson’s scenes. She’s terrific and I’m so glad she’s acting and it has nothing to do with her talent or abilities, it just has to do with the character she plays. “Louise” just was not all that necessary I thought. And poor Harry and Smith, they are hardly in the movie at all. And they were two of the BEST guys that made it into the girls’ lives. (sigh) I am just a big fan of Charlotte and Harry’s relationship.

Another brilliant cash maker for this film is the fact that it will most certainly translate to DVD sales. It is not a movie like Indiana Jones that is better enjoyed on the big screen. It will be comfortable and warming to bring the SATC girls back into our living rooms (plus, all the boyfriends and husbands who secretly wanted to see the film will then be able to watch it in private instead of having to face the shame of saying “one for Sex and the City at 7:30 please.”

I think the true question and ultimate review is did my group of female friends and I enjoy the movie? Us, who represent the average American 20 something girl/woman who watched the show on HBO and continue to watch it on TBS, did we really feel the movie? And yes we did. Tears, sex, babies and all.

“Basically, I'm for anything that gets you through the night - be it prayer, tranquilizers or a bottle of Jack Daniels.” – Frank Sinatra

So may the prayers, tranquilizers and JD be with you and see you next time.

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