“I’m Not There” – Movie Reviews – DVD Edition

I don’t know much about Bob Dylan. Regardless, “I’m Not There” is one of the best biopics and movies I have seen in awhile. Director Todd Haynes takes a Dylan type route and creates a collage of beautiful images that are symbolic and literal to show the singer's career. The DVD offers clever navigation of the film - either by scene or by song. The movie can be appreciated by Dylan fans and non Dylan fans, like myself, because it alone can be admired for the originality, genius and beauty that flashes on the big screen.

- Its One of a Kind-ness: There has never been a movie and/or bio-film like “There.” If you’ve ever read any of my other reviews, you know I’m a HUGE fan of originality, so I just fell in love with “There” because of its unmatched ingenuity. Every aspect, time line, the characters, the narrative style, the writing, all of it, is creative and inspired.

- Don’t Have to Be a Fan: Although, I’m sure the movie makes a lot more sense if you know a little bit about Bob Dylan. I don’t, but adored the film anyway. Along the way there are small subtleties reflective of Dylan’s life, regardless, it is fascinating to watch. You might as well assume it’s about a fictional character and admire it for other things. I found the Wikipedia article most helpful in understanding nuances between what I was seeing and how it correlated to Dylan.

- Not a Real Biopic: Not too many specific details are revealed about the singer’s life. It is more of a kaleidoscope of events and themes that occurred throughout his early career.

- The Acting: 6 actors (all of whom have been nominated and/or won film or acting related awards) are so transformed into the man they represent. I didn’t even recognize Christian Bale at first. They take the spirit of the singer and make a new character out of him to deliver an honest performance.

- Obscurity: “There” is a little out there. It may be difficult to follow and isn’t really meant for the “Transformers” type audience, which is fine! Just know that before hitting the Play button.

- Subtitles: Once again I had to turn on the subtitles to an English speaking movie.

- Needed Help: I did need a little bit of assistance to understand what events were taking place. As mentioned above, the Wikipedia article about the movie is EXTREMELY helpful in deciphering the film.

If you like films with some imagination to them as well as terrific cinematography and a familiar soundtrack, you will love “I’m Not There.” Even if you know nothing about Bob Dylan, like me, you can still enjoy the all star cast and writing. It’s mesmerizing and artistic.

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So may the prayers, tranquilizers and JD be with you and see you next time.

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