Why Internet Marketing is the Way to Go

Search traffic is up by 11% in June 2008 from May 2008 and is up by 44% from June 2007. (http://www.comscore.com/press/release.asp?press=2356). People know it’s easy and convenient to shop or find information online and that’s where a lot of consumers are turning. Even if you can’t sell and ship online, there are still people out there looking for your products, whether it’s food, clothing, theater tickets, etc. If you don’t have a website, then customers who hear about you, either through word of mouth, other advertising, etc, can’t look you up or learn about you.

Some aspects are free – who doesn’t like free? Organic search doesn’t cost a thing, so a well optimized site has the potential to rank for relevant searches without paying for anything other than your website and whoever is doing the optimization. This could also help lower the cost of customer acquisition, which in this day and age, is always a plus! And by mentioning your website in other advertising you will bring in visitors who learn your URL and can bookmark it making them a potential frequent customer.

It’s Easy (mostly) – most web hosting companies have created simple to use platforms that are easy to edit to create your own unique content.

Local search – there’s a growing trend of searchers using physical location to find stores, dealerships, realtors, restaurants, etc. Unless you’re a site such as Amazon.com or Zappos, it is to your benefit to market your website and products locally, just as you would with TV or radio. Google, Yahoo! and MSN all have their own “local” or “business” search sections that should be utilized (and are free!).

Measurable – by using tracking phone numbers specific to your site, free website traffic tracking software as well as a “Contact Us” form, you are able to keep a measurable record of sales leads, visitor traffic, etc. from your website.

What are some other benefits to having a website? What are some of the reservations for not having one?

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So may the prayers, tranquilizers and JD be with you and see you next time.

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