“Pineapple Express” – Review

Pineapple Express” starring Seth Rogan and James Franco can’t decide if it wants to be a stoner movie or an action movie and until the end, that sort of in between state works. So, what happens when two paranoid potheads aren’t really that paranoid about being chased by a drug lord? Hilarity!

- It’s really funny! – It combines pothead high jinx (no pun intended) with pothead high jinx as an action movie, which makes for some for unexpected, laugh out loud, never-thought-they’d-get-into-that-situation moments.

- Great dialogue – Between moments of “high” clarity and just random rambling and screaming (ie – the car chase), the conversations between Dale and Saul are full of stoner stupidities and actual rational thoughts.

- Buddy chemistry – These two start out as almost strangers, but in the midst of running away from drug lords they bond to become BFFs. Franco’s Saul is sad in a way because he’s hurt when Dale calls him simply his “drug dealer.” But those moments are what make “Pineapple Express” not your ordinary pothead film.

- Action! – There are two sections of this movie, the funny parts and the end. At the end “Pineapple Express” turns into a full blown action movie complete with bad guys with bad aim and great timing by the under dogs. Plus the car chase is entertaining and suspenseful (cars flip, pedestrians dodge out of the way, shattering glass – what more could you ask for)!

- Mobsters – Gary Cole and Rosie Perez make up the bad guys chasing Dale and Saul. Perez is a crooked cop and Cole is a powerful drug lord whom Saul bought the rare Pineapple Express from. They make a comedic team (probably because both actors are known for comedies and not dramatic roles such as crooked cop and drug lord). It’s a little difficult taking them seriously, but it’s a movie, so suspension of disbelief comes into play and if the actors had been cast by serious actors they could have turned out to the downers of the movie.

- Selling drugs to high schoolers – couldn’t the pot smoking and selling just have involved the over 18 year olds? I know that high schoolers are sold and smoke pot, but I really didn’t need to see it.

- Dale’s (Rogan) high school girlfriend – Umm, yeah, this was just weird. Angie (played by Amber Heard of “Alpha Dog” and “Friday Night Lights”) is sweet and normal, but we don’t get to see enough of her to know if she’s really more mature than her actual age (the justification Dale gives for dating a girl still in high school). So really, he’s just dating a girl in high school and we’re left crossing our fingers that she’s 18.

Unique Qualities:
- It isn’t typical or what you would expect from a “stoner comedy.”

As a buddy comedy, a pothead comedy and an action movie, “Pineapple Express” delivers a ton of funny lines and images that will definitely make you laugh at loud. The overdose of action doesn’t come until the end and even that has its more lighthearted moments (but its a bit long). Franco and Rogan make a great comedy team and it’s nice to see Franco in a role like this because we haven’t seen him in a comedy in recent memory. At any rate, I definitely recommend seeing this movie (even if you wait until DVD), because it promises some good laughs and a great new addition to the Judd Apatow team.

Is this your typical pothead movie? Am I over reacting to the pot and high schoolers scene? Did the action part of the movie play well or was it a bit out of place?

“Basically, I'm for anything that gets you through the night - be it prayer, tranquilizers or a bottle of Jack Daniels.” – Frank Sinatra
So may the prayers, tranquilizers and JD be with you and see you next time.


Anonymous said...

This is awesome!

BloggingFun said...

Thanks for the comment Raquel! It was a great movie! Hope you got to see it.