DVD Review – Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

Is there a musician or band out there that’s really weird but that you and a few select friends really love? Have an ex that keeps playing games with you? Did you meet someone unexpectedly while out enjoying that weird musician/band at the same venue as the ex? If you answered “Yes” then you will definitely be able to relate to “Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist.” If you liked Juno you’d probably like N & N – done in the same style and with some of the same cast. The perfect way to summarize this movie comes from critic Roger Ebert, “It sort of ambles along, with two nice people at the center of a human scavenger hunt.”


- Unique – N & N borrows some from other teen flicks, but it isn’t really cliché until the end. I admire movies I feel like I haven’t seen (even though I probably wouldn’t see it again).

- The Cast – the young actors that dash back and forth across the streets of NY are a talented young and promising group. Michael Cera – from Juno is loveable and funny without being outlandishly funny. Kat Dennings – who is fairly unknown is wonderful! She’s naturally quirky and nice. Ari Graynor – is HILARIOUS as the drunk friend, we will definitely being seeing more from her.

- The Cast As a Whole – The movie is full of well acted, semi non archetype characters that seem to be an accurate representative of the current youth.- The setting – Running around New York City at night looks like a lot of fun (and totally safe!). It’s a beautiful location and easy to see why so many films are shot there.


- It Drags – It’s slow. I did a couple of other things while watching the movie and didn’t miss anything.

- Michael Cera – He’s good, but I want to see him do something else before I deem him a reason to see a movie.

- Mom & Dad – Non-existent in the movie. No one gets a call from their folks wondering where there are all night. My parents would have at least wanted a check in if I was going to be out late.

- No Mystery – From the second we see Nick and Norah meet we don’t doubt these two will end up together. No mystery = a little predictable.

I didn’t love it, but I didn’t hate it. I’m picky about my teen movies because I feel like it’s difficult to make a good movie that really represents who teenagers are without perpetuating the usual characters, situations, etc. Plus it does have a fun sound track and you can’t beat NYC at night. N & N is fun, but a little slow, but creative too. Interesting mix just like the music.

Did you go out and buy the soundtrack after seeing this film? What did you think of the movie? Creative, cliché, boring?

“Basically, I'm for anything that gets you through the night - be it prayer, tranquilizers or a bottle of Jack Daniels.” – Frank Sinatra
So may the prayers, tranquilizers and JD be with you and see you next time.


Crab said...

I was fairly confused by the way this movie was advertised. I plan on seeing it sooner or later, but I was wondering if this movie is more of a comedy or a drama? It felt as though it was advertised more as a comedy which made me interested in seeing it, however after reading your review it sounds more like a "teen" drama.

ps. I heard there was an incredible cameo by Andy Samberg.

BloggingFun said...

Thanks for the comment! Yeah it's a comedy. More Juno than Role Models.