Movie Review - Yes Man

“Yes Man” is the latest comedy from the always wacky Jim Carrey. The film is an adaptation of the novel written by Danny Wallace. It’s a slightly predictable, yet loveable movie about opportunity and what life may throw at you if just stop saying “No” and start saying ... you know!

- Jim Carrey – Some critics are saying “no” to Carrey saying that this is a duplicate of “Liar, Liar.” I agree that they’re similar, but what actor hasn’t found a niche and stuck with it? I think some critics are missing the point of “Yes Man.” Carl (Carrey) has been stuck in a funk since getting divorced and is loosing touch with his closest friends by always saying “no” to social invites. But by saying “yes” to all opportunities, Carl sees that life is still worth enjoying. Who can’t relate to that?! Carrey isn’t Ace Ventura any more. He’s not Dumb and Dumber any more. He’s finding age appropriate work that can still show case his funny abilities but also the fact that he can act too and not just with funny voices.

- The Plot – It’s simple and realistic. Saying “Yes” all the time doesn’t win Carl the lottery, doesn’t allow him to meet any celebrities, and doesn’t get him super cool stuff. Instead he reconnects with his closest friends, helps people, and travels (to Nebraska, but hey, I said it was realistic). He ends up enjoying most of it and who doesn’t want to finally take those flying lessons and have it go well?

- It’s a little long.

- Shoulda put Zooey Deschanel in it more.

- It’s a little predictable, but that doesn’t take away from the endearing element of reconnecting with the important people in your life and rediscovering that life isn’t just your job.

I liked “Yes Man” even though it was predicable. It has a positive look on life and friends and I think people need more of that these days. Jim Carrey is warm, Zooey Deschanel is adorable and the supporting cast helps the story along. I say “Yes” to “Yes Man.”

Do you think this film is too similar to “Liar, Liar?” Has Carrey lost his flare? What did you think about the movie?

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