Pretty in Spectacles

In real life, a lot of women (and people in general) wear glasses (I’m one of them). However, in the movies, they aren’t that common. So after a lot of research, I found a few really good examples. To add to the cause of getting more glasses on actresses in movies I just want to say that if Harry Potter can make 8 movies wearing glasses, then any woman can too. Here’s the list of some of the great female movie characters who have already sported the everyday accessory!

Scarlett Johansson as Sondra Pransky in Scoop with the quirky look.

Julia Roberts as Kiki Harrison in America’s Sweethearts with the “girl next door” look.
Nia Vardalos as Toula Portokalos in My Big Fat Greek Wedding.
Meg Ryan as Sally Albright in When Harry Met Sally with the classically uptight look.
Nicole Kidman as Silvia Broome in The Interpreter with the professional look.
Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada with the super chic look.

Uma Thurman as Jenny Johnson in My Super Ex Girlfriend.

Daryl Hannah as Annelle Dupuy Desoto in Steel Magnolias.
Tina Fey as Kate Holbrook in Baby Mama as the “Tina Fey” look.

Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods in Legally Blonde being Super Chic.

Jennifer Garner as Sandra in Pearl Harbor.
Tara Reid as Aline Cedrac in Alone in the Dark.
Lacey Chabert as Jenny in Daddy Day Care.
Kristin Davis as Charlotte York in Sex and the City with the modern uptight look.
Christine Taylor as Matilda Jeffries in Zoolander.
Amy Adams as Susan in Talladega Nights.
Hope Davis as Joyce Brabner in American Splendor with the loveable nerd look.
Michelle Pfeiffer as Claire Spencer in What Lies Beneath with the sexy librarian look.
Queen Latifah as Nina Brewster in Mad Money.

Did I leave anyone off? Are you ready for more women to sport some sexy RX shades in movies?

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So may the prayers, tranquilizers and JD be with you and see you next time.

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